Important Links if You’re Moving to Las Vegas

Considering moving to the Las Vegas area?  Congratulations!
Las Vegas is a fabulous city, and it’s not just for tourists!

Here are a list of resources that I thought might be helpful as you search our area for
your next home.  Feel free to contact me for more information.  I’ve been a Las Vegas resident since 1991 and know this city well.

Las Vegas Community



City of Las Vegas Relocation Information

City of North Las Vegas 2012 Report

City of Henderson Relocation Information



Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

North Las Vegas Police Department

Henderson Police Department



School Accountability Reports

School Zoning Information

Enrollment Information

School Transportation Information

A popular site that rates schools by test results and also provides reviews
might come in handy:

Another such popular site for choosing the best school:

Here’s a really neat website if you want to know about the different businesses
or amenities around a particular area you might be thinking about moving to:

If you want to check whether or not a properrty is in a 100 year flood zone:



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